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Consulting, Conflict Management, and Coaching  Services

Partnering to Develop Strategies that Enhance Effectiveness and Improve Performance of Teams and Individuals


Across organizations, we offer strategic guidance and process expertise on  organizational change, team dynamics, leadership development, evaluative assessments of organizational performance, and improvement planning.

Within in the emergency management community, our experience encompasses designing and facilitating processes for: key strategic plan and policy development, and exercise design and evaluation.  In addition, we design comprehensive curricula to meet preparedness and response goals.

Conflict Management

The skills for conflict prevention, non-adversarial communication, and conflict resolution are critical!


We specialize in the teaching and practice of these conflict management skills, as well as the resolution process itself, through mediation and facilitation of disputes, and conflict coaching.

Leadership Coaching

The expectation to lead is at all levels of an organization and in life. 


We offer personalized coaching services to navigate the process of goal-directed change and improvement. Our coaching is a strategic engagement to address impediments to growth, and develop actionable paths to success and satisfaction.  

Team Building

We customize team building and training to help you meet your goals.


The foundation of high-performing teams and culture is rooted in trust, healthy communications, and the capability to understand and manage conflict constructively. 


We have the tools and strategies for you to develop and enhance team  resiliency, cohesiveness, and consensus-building capacity. 

The opportunities to build team may arise in a team or corporate retreat setting, as part of a workshop or strategic planning process, or through one of our tailored training offerings.


Rachel Tardiff is a conflict resolution expert, experienced consultant and coach who uses facilitation, mediation and process assessments to design strategic solutions that help organizations and their teams work better.


She is an experienced de-escalator and blends her skills in emergency management and conflict resolution to advance client goals in a supportive, productive environment.


Organizations and individuals seek Rachel out for collaborative problem solving, strategic program and process improvement, and leadership training.

Contact us to learn more.

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